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업로드 시간 2017-10-18

세부 묘사
You have to grab this classic cardigan for your wardrobe - it's simply the best for fall! We adore the wonderfully soft knit fabric - you can't go wrong with this one! It's light enough to easily layer over other tees without being too heavy! It also features an open bust with knit patterns along the edges, a wonderfully cozy length, and long sleeves! And did we mention it has pockets on both sides? It does not get any better than this!


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가장 도움이되는 고객 리뷰

으로 D *** d 2017 년 10 월 17 일
I love this sweater and its nice and warm for the fall and its goes with a lot of thinks its my color its soft n comfy
- 친애하는 애인 배포자로부터의이 코멘트 : *** 아마존의 판매자
으로 A *** r 2017 년 10 월 19 일
So soft and comfortable!! Fits really big though!! I got an extra large which is my normal size but definitely could’ve gone with a large. I would suggest sizing down. I love oversized sweaters though! It’s 100% acrylic so it doesn’t shrink which is nice. It’s also super soft without being scratchy. I love the cable knit design also! It’s washed up really well and I want it in all the other colors now!
- 친애하는 애인 배포자로부터의이 코멘트 : *** 아마존의 판매자
으로 체육 2017 년 10 월 26 일
Love this sweater! Honestly, it is so warm and cozy and oversized. But is absolutely perfect for the change of season. I live in Florida so it doesn't get that cold here so you can wear this and a t-shirt underneath and be just fine. It reminds me of my grandmother Lee old sweater, the sides are so big that you can wrap it around you and help you keep warm . Love that the green color is such a great fall color. This is really soft and enjoyable to wear. To so stylish it can be Dressed up or down .I'm really happy that I got it it adds such style to my fall where I would highly recommend it to someone else .
- 친애하는 애인 배포자로부터의이 코멘트 : *** 아마존의 판매자
으로 K *** m 2017 년 10 월 27 일
I absolutely adore this sweater! I was a bit leery to purchase clothing on Amazon as I never know quite how to pick the correct sizing. I read reviews on this and found that others say it runs a little large. I tend to agree with that. I did however purchase my normal size as I intended to wear this overtop of some bulkier fall/winter tops that I have. I am glad I did that!! I went to a fall festival on a chilly night, popped this on overtop of a long sleeve t-shirt I have and was the perfect temperature without having to wear a big bulky, annoying coat!! So cute on and it has POCKETS!!! Nice chunkier knit and flattering on. I have consistently been grabbing this sweater to wear on both cool nights and morning bus stop runs. Washes perfectly, I lay flat to dry and it still looks good as new! Highly recommended!
- 친애하는 애인 배포자로부터의이 코멘트 : *** 아마존의 판매자
으로 J ***의 2017 년 10 월 20 일
This cardigan is somewhat heavy,but you want that for the colder weather. The pockets are a great feature and are deep enough to carry your necessities. The color is great for the fall and the knitted pattern is a nice touch. It is a little big for me so I'm going to gift it. My advice is to order your exact size.
- 친애하는 애인 배포자로부터의이 코멘트 : *** 아마존의 판매자
으로 J *** n 2017 년 10 월 26 일
I was SO excited to receive this and plan on ordering more colors BUT the color in the photograph is a bit misleading so now I'm afraid to. Aside from that, the quality of this sweater is amazing for the price!! I love the knit and the oversize but still wearable style!
- 친애하는 애인 배포자로부터의이 코멘트 : *** 아마존의 판매자
으로 B***4 2017 년 11 월 13 일
The ONLY reason this sweater does not get 5 stars is two-fold - ONE I thought there would be a more A-line fit - but the bottom does not wrap around me like the rest....maybe some buttons or something would have been helpful.
The other reason is the arm fit - from the wrist to the elbow is WAY smaller than the rest of it....I will have to just spend some time stretching it out...
this sweater is the mac daddy...so far so good. The only thing I'm wondering about is if it shrinks much when washed and dried.
But other than that, I absolutely love it. I wanted something substantial and warm - not too bulky - not too thin - that will serve as a "house" jacket sort of warmth. Most "robes" are too warm for me - but some cotton thin hoodies are way too thin and not enough. And I want some "comfort"...this gives it. A VERY good sweater. I hope this works out, but so far so good :)
- 친애하는 애인 배포자로부터의이 코멘트 : *** 아마존의 판매자
으로 S *** e 2017 년 11 월 14 일
As others have mentioned, this does run big, so I went with a medium even though I would normally order a large. Even with sizing down, it is still quite roomy which is what I was looking for making this a perfect fit for how I want to utilize it! I hate wearing a winter coat, and here in Kentucky, we can normally get by with wearing a heavy sweater and layers instead of coats. This is going to get use after use, I can assure you. I forsee many cold nights ahead snuggled up with this baby! Heck, I may get one for every family member of my house including my husband and turn down the thermostat a few notches, lol. All joking aside, this is one of the most comfortable and warm items I've ever had on my body. Just like being snuggled up in a blanket!
- 친애하는 애인 배포자로부터의이 코멘트 : *** 아마존의 판매자
으로 k *** t 2017 년 11 월 17 일
I returned this because it was too big for me but it was super cute and comfy. Seemed to be nice quality and if it had been smaller I definitely would have kept it. Nice fall color too.
- 친애하는 애인 배포자로부터의이 코멘트 : *** 아마존의 판매자
으로 R *** l 2017 년 11 월 14 일
Hear the words of other reviewers and my own. Size down!! I would normally have purchased the XXL but I trusted reviews and sized down, and it's still pretty big on me, but I think it's big on me in a comfortable way and it leaves room for layers of clothes when it gets really cold. Great comfortable sweater with pockets but no buttons.
- 친애하는 애인 배포자로부터의이 코멘트 : *** 아마존의 판매자
으로 L *** y 2017 년 11 월 17 일
Very cute, comfy sweater. I originally ordered a medium and I was swimming in it. I'm 5'4" 145 lbs, I could have done an extra small if they carried it.
- 친애하는 애인 배포자로부터의이 코멘트 : *** 아마존의 판매자
으로 S *** n 2017 년 11 월 16 일
Had to buy a size down than I normally do, which isn’t bad, but it meant I had to return the first one I bought. The fit could be a little better, but it’s still cute. Otherwise, this is just like wearing a comfy warm blanket. This is seriously a good comfort sweater. I love the golden color. Nice and bright.
- 친애하는 애인 배포자로부터의이 코멘트 : *** 아마존의 판매자
으로 S *** G 2017 년 11 월 13 일
Perfect fall comfy sweater. As soon as I tried it on I knew it was a keeper. Will probably get another in a different color.
- 친애하는 애인 배포자로부터의이 코멘트 : *** 아마존의 판매자
으로 승 *** 3 2017 년 11 월 13 일
Slow shipping. Fits big but I took that into consideration after reading reviews. Very soft.
- 친애하는 애인 배포자로부터의이 코멘트 : *** 아마존의 판매자
으로 A *** r 2017 년 11 월 8 일
exactly what i was looking for in an oversized, knit sweater. pro tip: when you curl up on the couch, it can double as a blanket. i call it my blanket sweater. i just ordered a second one in another color.
- 친애하는 애인 배포자로부터의이 코멘트 : *** 아마존의 판매자
으로 T***3 2017 년 10 월 31 일
I got her two in her colors for her birthday. She loved it
- 친애하는 애인 배포자로부터의이 코멘트 : *** 아마존의 판매자

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